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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to move website to a new server or host

It is not easy to  move a website to a new server or host. But after reading this step by step tutorial, I'm sure that it will be easier to all of you. Just read these all of steps carefully. I think that you can change your server / host very easily. 

Step1: Take backup of your old server/hosting cpanel.
In case of wordpress site:  If you have the wordpress site then you can also take a backup of your contents. Go to Tools menu of your Dashboard. Click on Export and select all contents. Download this.
This download not required but for safety. 

Step2:  In your old Cpanel go to PHP MyAdmin. 

Select the database you want to download. 

Click on the Export Box/menu. 

Here select all,
Check box  Format should be SQL     and
check the box  

Click on the save button. download  will start

Congratulations! you have done half of your work.The download file will be yourdatabasename.sql . 

Step3: Login to your news hosting cpanel. Remember that you need to change your domain Name Server on  Domain Control Panel, that you got at the time of purchasing your domain
After log in into your new cpanel create a database.Here i give information how to create a database.
At first click on MySql database

Then Click create a new database

Enter name and password for database user 

Add user to the database 

On the next screen click on All privileges

After that you will get confirmation of creation of your database. You can change the file name  that you download from your old database by your new database name. 
Then again go to your PHP MyAdmin Panel and select a the database that you create a few minutes ago. 

Click on the Import button 

Import you .sql file. After complete your upload it will show 

NB. Remember that without select your database if you upload  then it'll not work.
After uploading you can see that all of your tables, post, pages etc all things that were in your old server. 
If you want to change the Domain name you can change the domain 

Now upload your site folders into your cpanel public_html

Here you get the wp-config.php file. Click on this file and edit this. Change the database  name, database 
user and password. 

You are done save you file. And reload your webpage. if your site show 
Error database connection Establishing  
Then delete your wp-config.php file from your Public_html. Reload your page again. Here you need to again config wordpress as normal way. You can also delete you browser history for better result.

That's all. if any problem you can visit or contact +8801723833508  or +8801916137024


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  2. "In this guide, we tell the best way to physically move a current WordPress site to an alternate space name.
    Stage 1 - Verify that your present site is working
    Stage 2 - Download the documents of your site
    Stage 3 - Export your data set
    Stage 4 - Upload documents to your new space
    Stage 5 - Import your data set
    Stage 6 - Go to wp_options
    Stage 7 - Update siteurl and home
    Stage 8 - Update association subtleties in wp-config
    Stage 9 - Check your site on your new space
    Stage 10 - Fix permalinks (Optional)
    Stage 11 - Fix broken pictures (Optional)
    Stage 12 - Check your site once more (Optional)
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