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Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to enable keyboard shortcuts for WordPress

To enable keyboard shortcuts for WordPress
Administration > Users > Your Profile and Check the Keyboard shortcuts Check box to enable it.

For comment moderation use the these shortcuts

Press A to approve the selected comment.
Press S to mark as spam comment.
Press D to Delete the selected comment
Press Z to restore the trashed comment.
Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Rich Text Editor:

You can use many keyboard shortcuts while creating a new post with WordPress Rich text editor. Write faster without using mouse using these WordPress Editor shortcut keys. Use Ctrl +Letter for Windows and Linux and Command + Letter for  Macintosh.

Alt + Shift + letter Shortcuts:

Alt+Shift+ N      -  Check Spelling

Alt+Shift+ E      -  Switches to HTML mode

Alt+Shift+ P      -  Insert Page Break tag

Alt+Shift+ M     –  Insert Image

Alt+Shift+ H      -  Help

Text Decoration:

Alt+Shift+ B      -  Makes the selected text Bold

Alt+Shift+ I        -   Makes the selected text Italic

Alt+Shift+ D       –   Strike through outdated links and information.

Alt+Shift+ U      -   Makes an Unordered List

Alt+Shift+ O      -   Makes an Ordered List

Alt+Shift+ Q      -  Blockquote

Text Alignment:

Alt+Shift+ L        -  Align Text Left

Alt+Shift+ C       –  Align Text Center

Alt+Shift+ R       –  Align Text Right

Alt+Shift+ J       –   Justify Text


Alt+Shift+ A       –  Insert or Edit Link

Alt+Shift+ S        -  Unlink or Remove Link

Alt +                        - Wider (Widens the Editor window)

Alt  -                        - Narrower(Shrinks the Editor window)

Alt 0                        - Default Width

Ctrl+Letter Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + U        - Underlines the selected Text

CTRL + B        -  Bold   (Alt+Shift+B also works)

CTRL + I         – Italic (Alt+Shift+I also works)

CTRL + 1        -  Heading 1

CTRL + 2        -  Heading 2

CTRL + 3        -  Heading 3

CTRL + 4        - Heading 4

CTRL + 5        -  Heading 5

CTRL + 6        -  Heading 6

CTRL + 9        -  Address

CTRL +Z         –  Undo

CTRL +Y        -  Redo

CTRL +A        -   Selects all the text

CTRL +C        -  Copies the Selected text

CTRL +X        -  Cuts the Selected text

CTRL +V       –  Pastes the copied text

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