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Monday, February 3, 2014

Using PayPal From Bangladesh and send money from paypal to payoneer

Using PayPal From Bangladesh

How to do it:

01. Apply for a Payoneer card ( If you are a freelancer at oDesk or Elance, affiliated with the companies that support Payoneer as their payment method then this thing will get easy. Even if you are a blogger and using ads from infolinks or textlinkads you can apply for the card easily inside from your account.

02. Once you have the card now you’ll need some money loaded into it. As mentioned earlier- if you are a freelancer than you can earn some money and load it into your payoneer card.

03. Before opening a PayPal account you must know that you can’t add Bangladesh as your country. So, you’ll need someone who lives in any of the PayPal accepted country. It’s better if he/she is your relative. Ask them if they can help you in this regard. Open a PayPal account in your name and with your e-mail address, but for physical address or location use their address and country. PayPal may (I know they will) send papers for approval in that address. Tell them to forward those in your address.

04. Now add your payoneer debit master card in your PayPal. Verify it as instructed there. Don’t forget to have at least $5 balance in the card. Once you have it verified you can spend money with your PayPal. The amount will be cut from you Payoneer card.

But wait, there are more to go. You can spend money with your newly activated paypal account but you can’t receive money with that account. There is another step to achieve that too.

05. If you have a good transaction they will provide you with a US bank account number and routing number in your name. Now- use this account to add a bank account in the paypal. Verify the bank account also as instructed in the PayPal.
You can get that information from your Payoneer account
Receive Money -->  US Payment Profile


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