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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Course Settings in WPLMS theme

  1. Sidebar: Select the sidebar you want to place in the course page. Sidebars are created in the section Appearance->Widgets by the administrator.
  2. Excellence Badge: The badges are given on completion of the course and after achieving a certain percentage in the quiz i.e. the Badge Percentage which can be adjusted in the next setting. It is not necessary that every course taker will get the badge.
  3. Badge Percentage: This is the minimum percentage required by the students to have a badge for the course.
  4. Badge Title: You can set the title for the badge given after completion of the course like for a Maths course, you can set the title as Maths Champion which a student will get only after receiving the Badge Percentage .
  5. Completion Certificate:  If set Show, after the course is completed each student who passes the course will get this certificate of completion which is printable as well as downloadable. You can design the certificate according to your requirements.Follow the tutorial in the relevant section.Even after the course has expired the student can log in and view/print/download her certificate of completion.
  6. Passing Percentage: The minimum percentage required to pass the course.
  7. Total Duration of Course: Total duration of the course is the total time for which the student can access the course by logging into the site. After the duration has expired, the user will not be able to view the course content.

  8. Total Number of Students in Course: Initially while creating the course the number of students is set to 0.
  9. Course Curriculum: This setting help the instructor to create the curriculum of the course by arranging the units, quiz and categorizing it in sections. Add Section enables the instructor to add a section and name it. Add Unit enables the instructor to add units which has been created earlier. The units can further be arranged under different by dragging and dropping. Add Quiz allows the instructor to add quiz after unit , section or anywhere the instructor wish to place the quiz. All the three i.e Section, Unit, Quiz are draggable and can be arranged likewise.
  10. Pre required course: This is the pre requisite of doing the course i.e. if some course is selected , then that course must be finished before taking this new course.
  11. Course Forum: Link here the course with the respective course forum.
  12. Course Group: Link here the course with the respective course group.
  13. Course Completion Message: This message would be shown after the completion of the course.

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